A Quick Index of Stuff I Have Written

One of my purposes in setting up this blog was to provide a place to write some things that don't fit anywhere else. Another purpose is to tie together some of the things I have written elsewhere. I have written a lot of odd things in various places, some paid, some not, on a lot of different topics and some of that stuff moves or gets lost over time. This page will give people a way to browse across those categories and may be particularly useful for potential clients who come across one thing I have written and want to see more. It also gives me a convenient place to organize things I have written to build on when writing more stuff.

I write:

  • Technical or crafting content and how-tos, often with original diagrams, sketches, photos, source code, or other media, including course-ware, best-practices, and policy documents. A good deal of what I did early on was proprietary, so what you mostly see are things that I specifically wrote for free for one reason or another
  • essays and editorials
  • fiction
  • discussion posts on a number of sites, including Slashdot, Disqus, Facebook, Linked-In, etc., often used as sounding blocks and places for me to develop ideas that find their way into other writing.
I am using Scribd as a collection point for more-or-less self-contained pieces, some of which may have lost their original homes over time, and this page/site as a repository of links to scattered bits.

Botany/Herbalism/Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants




Soap-Making Forum is a regular gig for soap-making blogs and articles. You will see my wife show up on it every so often as well.

Weaving/Fiber Arts

Emergency Response, Disaster Preparation

Right To Keep and Bear Arms, Self-Defense, Community Policing, School Shootings, etc.

I do periodic guest blogs at GunDebate.com and my wife is a regular blogger there, sometimes with my contribution.
As the Commander of the Lawrence County Sheriff's Auxiliary in an official capacity. I also was a primary author for most of the original organizational materials and quite a bit of the custom course materials for the Auxiliary.
As co-editor of the County Restoration Handbook (uncompleted but often referenced), I wrote much of the material on rural watches; much of it being superseded by better material under the LCSA.

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