Thursday, January 21, 2021

EO Threatens Schools Who Will Not Let Men in Women's Sports

I wonder why it is so hard for people to grasp the simple concept that men do not belong in women's sports? That this discriminates against women who fought hard to have these sports in the first place? Why willful indifference to girls like Selina Soule who are displaced by men unable to compete in male sports?

<<The conservative Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a federal complaint on behalf of a Connecticut high school student, Selina Soule, who failed to quality for the New England regionals after losing a race to two biological male students who identify as girls.

“In fact, one of the athletes who displaced Selina previously competed against other male athletes in the winter 2018 season and failed to advance in boys’ indoor track events,” the ADF said. “It wasn’t until that athlete began competing in girls’ events during the 2018 spring season that the dominance began. This biological male now holds more than 10 records within the state of Connecticut that once belonged to 10 different girls.”>>

If Biden carries out his threat to cut federal funding for schools who do not go with him off the cliff, we, as a state, should take him up on it, and for better reasons than this: after being incompetently thrashed around first by No Child Left Behind then by Common Core, it is clear that the federal behemoth-- and the large corporate curriculum cartel it feeds-- having too much influence on education is bad for our children no matter who is in the Oval Office, no matter who is in Congress. DC Republicans have often been just as eager to expand federal power over our schools, especially when it expands budgets for corporate handouts. At exactly the time that more and more education resources become ubiquitous, low-cost, or even free, inpouring of federal money and the imprimatur  of thoroughly-captured standards boards has lead to inflation of education costs and consolidation of vendors.

This Biden EO is just the latest symptom of a deeper problem both parties created. If we do not have control of our own children's education, we will always be held hostage to corporate profiteering or misplaced ideological rubbish imposed from the top.

This is just one more place where it is past time Missouri minded its own business... and told others to mind theirs.

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